What services do you offer?

Food Coaching

I meet with individuals, families, groups, and organizations to help them create a transition plan to a more healthy way of eating that is sustainable.  We discuss challenges and obstacles and strategies to overcome these.  We create goals and time frames for achievement.  I support, motivate, and encourage you to reach your wellness goals.


I do not offer a “cookie cutter, one size fits all” approach to diet and nutrition.  I work with people’s strengths to mold a customized holistic nutrition program that is sustainable.  I respond to the needs of every individual and help them to make the lasting change that they desire.

Menu Planning

After several years of developing menu plans for my family, friends, and clients, I believe I provide invaluable expertise in this area. It is important that we make every family member happy and facilitate a smooth transition to a new diet lifestyle.  Making the menu plan flexible enough to accommodate everyone in your household, yet maintain excellent nutrition can be a difficult and sometimes stressful process.  We’ll work together to develop a successful plan that meets your needs.

Grocery shopping and label reading

I meet you at a Farmer's Market or grocery store of your choice and help you to shop based on your needs and desired health outcomes.  I can help you decide on organic or non-organic, and how much to buy.  I will show you the secrets to label reading and you’ll know for sure if something is really low fat or low sodium.


In-home food preparation

We help you to try new recipes and broaden your skill set so that you can feel confident in preparing healthy, tasty meals.  Myself, or one of my Chefs, will come to your home to teach you how to prepare plant-based meals, or you can hire us to cook for you to give you some respite.


Seminars and Public Speaking

I offer group seminars at businesses and organizations and speak publicly about nutrition and wellness topics.  Seminars and speeches are customized to audience needs.  Contact me for more information.


Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional and nothing in this website should be construed as medical advice.  I do not diagnose and treat diseases or health conditions.  When starting a new eating plan or diet always consult your physician first.