Nutrition Seminars

Seminar at ABB Inc


Session 1:  Introduction to Plant-based Nutrition

What is plant-based nutrition?  How is it different from vegetarianism? 

Discuss how diet affects disease, especially heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Explore examples of daily plant-based meal plans. What is nutrient density?  What are examples of the most nutrient dense, healthiest foods?


Session 2:  Understanding the macronutrients:  Carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  What are good carbs? Bad carbs?  What do carbohydrates do for the body?  What does protein do?  What does fat do?  Which are good fats and which are bad?  What is the difference between unsaturated fats, saturated fats, and trans fats?  Introduction to product label reading.  Explore examples of plant proteins and how to cook them. 


Session 3:  Eating a rainbow.  Exploring various fruits and vegetables.

Why do we need to eat a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables?  What are antioxidants and how are they beneficial?  Can eating more fruits and vegetables really prevent eye problems such as macular degeneration and glaucoma?  What other positive health outcomes can we experience from eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables?  Examples of lesser known and very healthy fruits and vegetables will be shown and explored.


Session 4:  What is fiber?  What are the best sources of dietary fiber? 

Why is fiber important?  How do we know if we are eating enough fiber?  What are whole grains?  How do we know if a product actually contains whole grains?  Explore label reading to determine whole grain and fiber content.  Visual examples of products as well as whole grains will be presented. 


Session 5:  How dairy affects the body.  Exploring alkaline foods and why these are important to health.

Explore population and research studies linking dairy to disease rates, chronic pain, joint pain and inflammation, and osteoporosis. What are alternatives to dairy?  How do we get adequate calcium and vitamin D if we don’t consume dairy? Discussion of acidic and alkaline foods.  Which foods are the most beneficial? 


Session 6:  Putting a plan into action.

Conduct brief review of the material presented in the last 5 sessions.  Explore case studies.

Discuss how to make an action plan to implement the knowledge gained during this nutrition education series.  Discuss obstacles to change and how to keep ourselves motivated to eat healthy. 


~~*Would you like me to present this nutrition seminar series at your business, church group, or organization meeting?  I will travel to you and can adjust the class times and topics to meet your needs.  Email me mmltrent [@] for a pricing proposal and more information.*~~