My Credentials

I had a decade long career in consultative sales, marketing, and management before completing an MBA at Lehigh University in 2002.  


In January 2004, I launched The Trent Group, LLC, a small business coaching firm that provides business development and marketing expertise to small service-based businesses in eastern PA and western NJ.  I have helped many small businesses define their competitive niche and grow their sales and profit.  I was a valued asset to the leadership team of the businesses I served.  This is where I developed and honed my coaching skills.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners can be apprehensive about someone from the outside giving them advice.  However, with my unassuming, forthcoming, and honest approach I quickly gained trust and have been effective in my consulting practice.


I apply this same approach and effectiveness in the guidance that I offer individuals, families, and organizations.  I am a proven agent of change.  I have great listening skills and enjoy working with people.


Not only have I had my own personal journey in transitioning to a plant-based diet, I have spent years synthesizing a great deal of research on the diet’s effectiveness.  I’ve read medical studies, case studies, books, research papers, and expert opinions on the subject.  I have completed two intensive certificate programs as well.  In September 2011, I completed the T. Colin Campbell Center and Cornell University’s Plant-based Nutrition certificate.  In January 2012, I completed the Nutritional Education Trainer certificate from the Nutritional Education Institute founded by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.


I strongly believe my consulting background has prepared me to coach individuals to reach their health and wellness goals by being a supportive agent of change in their lives.