Client Testimonials

“As a psychotherapist in the treatment of disordered eating and a woman who in turn has struggled herself, Michelle's plant based plan has proven not only to myself, but to my patients, that this style of eating has significant benefits to mind, body and emotional balance.  Michelle has such dedication when crafting her meal plans while also providing the nutritional information needed to learn and excel.
Working with eating disorders for the past fourteen years has provided me with a vast foundation of knowledge regarding clean eating and nutrition, however Michelle has exceeded my expectations and has provided me an even clearer understanding of nutrition and health. I highly recommend her weekly meal plan services. I find it vital to my health and overall success. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Michelle and plan to use her services for myself and my patients for years to come! She is a true inspiration and exhibits such passion for wellness in everything she creates!”
~ Christina Buss, M.A., L.P.C. (October 2014)

“I wanted to eat better but didn’t know where to start – then Michelle came into my life.  She’s patient (listened to me moan and groan about hating to cook and go food shopping) and encouraging (after some gentle nudging, I finally bought the McDougall Cookbook which is SO perfect for me).  She even went food shopping with me and showed me where all the good stuff is and to stay away from processed foods.  She always responds quickly to my questions about where to find ingredients in the store and doesn’t laugh at me when I ask stupid questions (what’s a lentil?).   Her antioxidant and anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothie is absolutely delicious and so quick and easy to make – I have one nearly every morning.

 After transitioning to a plant-based diet, my heartburn and neck pain totally disappeared.  The pain in my hands was so significantly reduced that I’m able to crochet once again – a pleasure that I thought I had to give up for good.

 I highly recommend Michelle to anyone – her encouragement, support, and knowledge have been very helpful to me and she’s very easy to talk to.” ~ Marlene L. (August 2014)


“Michelle really went above and beyond what I expected. I already know so much about whole-foods/plant-based/ vegan/ raw diets, so I am “pleased as punch” that she left me re-thinking things and reminded me about many important points I conveniently forgot as well as provided much new vital information I have not heard of before despite my extensive research.”

~ Carol F. (August 2014)


“I had the pleasure of coming across Michelle’s services at The Joyful Elephant in the struggle to find a healthy diet to support my active lifestyle. I am a college student athlete and I was looking for help and support to transition to a primarily vegetarian diet in order to improve my athletic performance and overall health. I’m a picky eater who is also sensitive to bread and pasta, which are typically the staples of a distance runner’s diet.  I enlisted Michelle’s support because I wanted to know what I should specifically be eating in order to reduce my digestive upset and still get the right amount of carbs, protein, and nutrients to fuel my workouts. 

After a couple of weeks of working with Michelle, I received more benefits than I was looking for, or even knew were possible. In addition to feeling more confident about my food choices at the dining halls, I noticed my mood and attitude has greatly improved and I am able to pay better attention in my classes at school. I’m not nearly as irritable or impatient as I sometimes was when I was having a hard time managing my sport and my academics. I am sleeping better at night, leaving me really happy and optimistic during the day.  I am finding my stomach and thighs are more toned as a result of eating better quality foods, which is again, another source of confidence. The most incredible part about this journey has been that I am getting significantly more toned without starving myself. I rarely find myself incredibly hungry.  Prior to working with Michelle I would go through periods of portion control, followed by binging on snacks. My restricting and binging became cyclic, and left me feeling mentally and emotionally upset with myself.  I have to admit I really am enjoying what I am eating, have very few cravings, and don’t have to worry about limiting my portions. Although training the palate was not something acquired within a week, it was worth the two to three weeks of training to gain all of the benefits I have found. I eat as much as I want until I feel full and no longer have the urge to snack. Beyond my initial reason for enlisting Michelle to enhance my performance, she has shown me that you really are what you eat. It is incredible what your body gives back to you when you treat it with patience and care. I am forever indebted to Michelle for her guidance and for taking me down a healthier path that I intend to adopt for life.” ~ Lainie (January 2014)


“I want to thank you for your guidance in helping me jumpstart eating a plant-based menu. Your recipes are delicious, easy to prepare and there is a nice variety. The shopping lists are very helpful, especially with my ever changing work schedule.  Getting my pantry stocked is well on its way!  Your tips on the various brands, where to find spices, and eating out are great. Your phone calls and emails were very encouraging and helpful.  You listened to what I liked and fit it into my schedule.  Your credentials for eating a healthy diet are excellent and your genuine interest in my health and how my body responded to this change was evident during our phone calls.  Thank you so much for your help!” ~ Shirley Frank (November 2013)


“I have always been invested in my health but with all the products and claims out today it's confusing to know what works and what doesn't.  This is where Michelle comes in. Her extensive knowledge of plant based nutrition and up-beat coaching really helped me become motivated to be healthy in every way.  Teamed up with Chef Natalie, the two are a dynamic pair in the kitchen whipping up recipes that are full of plant based nutrients and most importantly extremely tasty!      I have already attended two cooking classes with my husband and had a blast. With their step-by-step instructions and hands-on experience it gives you the confidence you need to re-create the recipes at home.

I have Michelle to thank for this healthy path I'm on and with her help I will remain on it!!” ~ Tara (October 2013)


“Working on my goal to focus my nutrition on a whole food plant based diet, Michelle has provided me with tools, tips, and support that helped me build on a foundation I learned through Dr. Joel Fuhrman's writings. She adapted to my crazy work schedule and listened when I needed to talk, directed when I got off course, and genuinely cared about my progress and health. Her recipes are easy to follow and very enjoyable and was able to get my husband to eat a few, especially casserole type dishes. We talked about my needs each week and Michelle adapted the plans to meet my needs and likes and dislikes. If you are struggling to get started, work with Michelle, if you want to improve your skills and knowledge, work with Michelle, if you need some support work with Michelle. Bottom line - work with Michelle, you have everything to gain!” ~ Bernadette W. (August 2013)


“I discovered Michelle without even knowing that I was looking for a lifestyle change.  I recently landed in menopause and noticed feeling tired and unhappy.  I lost interest in cooking and also felt miserable after eating the meal choices I made for my family.  I picked up a copy of Natural Awakenings magazine on the way out of the grocery store and found Michelle and my happiness again.  Her meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists have made my life easier and more organized.  To be able to cook a delicious meal for my family in 30 – 45 minutes and then eat it and feel satisfied and not bloated is a joy. I love to cook for my family again!  When I chose to make the switch to a plant-based diet for my family, I never thought we would feel so much better so quickly.  In just a few weeks, the benefits are very noticeable.  We have more energy and zest for life.  My husband lost weight and no longer has acid reflux.  And, we are saving more than 30% each week on our family’s grocery bills by no longer purchasing junk foods and meat.”  ~ Kathy C. (September 2013)


“After one month on your plant-based meal plan I can honestly say that I could not have made the diet change without your planning and support!  My family was motivated to make the change, however it seemed daunting to us and I didn’t know where to start.  The results of the plant-based diet trickle into every aspect of our family life…I have energy and the ability to run around with my 4 year old son which I didn't before.  I have more positive energy and more to offer to my patients...I am happier at home and enjoy everything I do, even cleaning!  And I enjoy cooking again, and realized I’m really good at it!  In addition to these lifestyle benefits, my husband and I have both lost weight, and we have more energy to exercise.  In fact my husband went from walking on the treadmill to jogging on it in just a couple of weeks on the PBN plan.  Thank you so much for all you have taught us and what you have done to help us get back on the road to better health!” ~ Gina (August 2013)


“I read the book Eat to Live a year ago, and followed the plan, but continued to struggle with emotional eating. I then completed a month of Dr. Fuhrman’s Motivational Outreach Program. I continued to struggle with emotional eating and several months ago I found Michelle on Dr. Fuhrman’s list of Nutritional Education Trainers, and I’m so glad I did! She has been an absolutely awesome, affordable coach. I email her every day what I eat, and share what’s going on when I eat emotionally. She looks over my food diary and gives me nutritional guidance, emotional support and helpful ideas via email and weekly on the phone. She is kind, positive, insightful, and funny. She helped me realize that my nighttime eating was a habit, and suggested 21 days without nighttime eating to “break the habit.” She shared her own struggle to break her cheese eating habit, and it helped me make it through.

What I’m most thankful for, though, was her presence, sense of calm, and wisdom when I went through a lung cancer scare. There was a 2 week period where I thought I had cancer and was waiting for tests and results. She helped me focus on what I could control (eating according to Dr. Fuhrman’s cancer protocol) and was incredibly supportive. I don’t know what I would have done without her at that time.” ~ Ann Seitz-Brown (March 2013)


“We needed to incorporate more plant based foods in our diet and this was the perfect opportunity to do that!  Michelle first helped us choose all of the ingredients we needed in the supermarket and answered all our related questions.  We also learned a lot from her about spices and how to prepare ingredients we never even heard of before.  Later we prepared 4 dishes that were easy to make and tasted great. We now have a good start to healthier eating and had a lot of fun too!  ...A month later, we hired Michelle for another in-home hands-on cooking session and now have a good repertoire of plant-based meals that we feel confident we can make ourselves.”             ~ Kevin and Meghan (May 2013)


“I was doing great for several weeks on the meal plan that Michelle had prepared for me and then all of a sudden I hit a wall.  I wasn’t feeling great, I was emotional, and I struggled with severe cravings.  With a phone call to Michelle and several follow-up emails she comforted me, motivated me, and got me back on track.  I know I picked the right coach to help me stay the course in eating for health.” ~ D.B. (January 2013)


"I came to Michelle armed with research findings and knowledge about plant-based nutrition although I did not have a clue how to implement what seemed like a daunting journey.

Even though she successfully walks the nutrition walk herself, knows the science behind and has the proper credentials to teach others about healthy nutrition, I would suggest that her greatest gift is that of listening.  I felt she worked hard to fully understand where I was currently and to where I was trying go. She then eased my mind and offered me a very user-friendly approach that I could implement and embrace.

After all my failed attempts at diets and various eating protocols, I feel wonderful, am losing weight and FINALLY know that I can embrace something as a lifestyle. Thank you Michelle!"

- Tammy Toso, PhD (October 2012)

“So far with exercise and better nutrition, I have lost 20 lbs, and feel very good.  I definitely am not eating “perfectly” all the time, but am being patient with myself and taking one day at a time.  I am very proud of myself and know that this is a lifestyle change for me and I am grateful for it.  Thank you Michelle for your ideas and information—I feel better that I have the tools I need in order to succeed!” - Sara (September 2012)

"Michelle Trent has worked diligently with my husband and me to teach us how to nourish our bodies properly.

She has guided us by:

- Sharing books and recipes

- Teaching us how to use new foods

- Buying appropriate foods for us

- Making us meals and teaching us how to cook them

- Encouraging us by example

We both have lost weight and enjoy trying new recipes and shopping at health food stores.  We try about three new recipes per week and often invite in friends and neighbors to give us feedback.  We are very grateful to Michelle and would strongly recommend her teaching methods to others."

- Rett and Priscilla Oren (2012)

“I enlisted Michelle as a food coach to help me lose weight.  I tried various approaches in past years to lose weight but was relatively unsuccessful.  For example, I tried portion control but found myself hungry (and “cheating”!) at night.

Even when I stepped up my exercise I wasn’t getting the weight loss I thought would follow.  I was more active and my body craved more calories and nutrients.  I was hesitant to reduce what I was eating for fear that I wouldn’t be able to adequately fuel the better tuned engine my body was becoming.

After five months on the meal plan Michelle developed for me I lost 20 pounds.  Just as importantly my body was well fed and didn’t crave more food – and I was able to maintain and increase my level of exercise.  Actually, I probably lost more than 20 pounds of fat given I continued to build muscle.

The scale wasn’t the only metric providing feedback that this new healthier approach was working: over a year’s time my total cholesterol dropped from 180 to 155!”

- David (2012)


"I am a 68 year old man who was diagnosed with heart disease in my forties and had a heart attack at age 61.  As a result, I have three stents placed in my arteries around the heart to open up blockages.  Even on statin drugs, my cholesterol has been over 200, and I always had high LDL cholesterol. 

When I had my heart attack my cardiologist said to me, “Your condition may well be a combination of three things:  family history of heart disease, your diet, and your stressful job.”  On follow up visits we discussed my options if the stents were not successful.  He said by-pass surgery was my next option.  Well, that was not a pleasant thing to hear so I asked him what are my other options?  The discussion continued and my cardiologist surprised me with: “heart disease can be reversed through diet.”

Over the last several years I did improve my diet.  I took to eating oatmeal every morning, increased my intake of fruits and vegetables, and decreased my fat intake.  However, my cholesterol numbers only improved slightly.  In addition to that my joint pain was increasing and I was waking up at night with pain in my hips.

When I started on the plant-based diet I knew that it would be difficult to give up meat for a period of time but I was determined to stick to the plan. However, I was determined to see it through and wanted to see if this diet would impact my cholesterol numbers, my hip pain, and my overall health.  I found that I ate a larger volume of food daily then I have in probably more than a decade.  At the same time, I managed to lose 17 pounds in 3 months.  (I wasn’t planning on losing weight.)

After three months on a plant-based diet my total cholesterol dropped 40 points and so did my LDL.  My joint pain has been reduced to the point that it doesn’t wake me up at night.  I am sleeping better at night and wake up rested something that has not happened to me for a long time.  Also, I am more mentally alert and focused and have more energy all day long than I’ve had in years.  My mood is more elevated, and I want to accomplish more each day.  Because of my increase in physical stamina and reduction in pain, I am able to exercise more often.  In conclusion, I have fewer worries.  I don’t worry about weight or my cholesterol level, these now take care of themselves because of plant-based nutrition."

- Tim (2012)