The Holidays: Is it About the Food?


Last December I wrote about what to eat / not to eat at holiday parties.  I’m very confident that I was delivering information that everybody already knows.  We all know that broccoli is more nutritious, has fewer calories, and will fill you up with fiber compared to the high sugar and fat content of a donut that lacks the fiber to keep you full and is only filled with “empty” calories.


So, why during the holidays do we eat more baked goods and less broccoli?  It’s habit.  It’s what we do.  Every week, in fact almost every day from Thanksgiving to January 1st, we are exposed to treats everywhere we go. It’s not festive if we don’t feast!  This is the social norm.  I think it’s time we changed that. I’ve managed to change my habits over the last three years and I still have the same friends and relationships.  My plant-based diet does not hinder me from enjoying the holiday celebrations!


For me it’s about the people, not the food.  Now by food, I mean the typical sugary fattening holiday treats.  Don’t get me wrong, the food we make at our holiday meals is super yummy.  It’s plant-based and it is seasoned to perfection.  It pops with flavor.  It is eye candy… it’s so beautiful… like a work of art.  And after we finish our meal we feel nicely full and energized.


So, my strategy for avoiding the fattening treats is I focus on the people not the food.  When I go to a holiday gathering I always bring a dish of my own.  This accomplishes two things: (1) I know there will be something there I can eat, and (2) most people rave about my dish and get excited about trying more plant-based cuisine.  I spend more time socializing and less time eating.  This time of year it is great to catch up with old friends and find out what they’ve been up to since the last time you saw them.


My second strategy is to focus on my health.  Most people overindulge in holiday eating and then make a resolution to change their ways in January. I believe that we should start preparing for facing holiday eating challenges before the holidays.  Understanding your triggers and food weaknesses before you’re tempted is one of the keys to fighting sweet tooth cravings.  My coaching can help with that.


Many people are fortunate to have a lighter work schedule in December.  Those who have this time can use it to focus on setting their wellness priorities and developing a plan to achieve them.  Why wait until January when it is back to work as usual and we have less time to plan?


In Great Health,

The Joyful Elephant


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