Using Positive Visualizations

As followers of Plant-based Nutrition we know the harmful effects that processed foods with added salt, sugar, and fat have on our bodies.  We know that packaged food manufacturers actually engineer the food to be highly addictive. 


We know that in order to break free from craving these foods we need to completely remove them from our homes and stick to a pure diet of whole foods for at least three weeks.  However, this is a difficult period of time.  We have strong images in our mind of crusty French bread, bagels with cream cheese, and pepperoni pizza.  When we visualize these foods we can also smell and taste them.  They have left a strong impression on our minds and how can we resist?  In our weakest moments we run to these foods.  We’ve had a bad day, we’re too tired to cook, we’re celebrating,… whatever the reason we turn to these foods often.


But yet, we’re determined to get through 21 days on a whole foods diet.  How do we do this with all of these images, smells, and tastes in our mind?  We need to replace these images with other more powerful images.  Try this exercise and let me know if it works for you…


Write down your top 1 to 3 wellness goals.  These could be weight loss, lower cholesterol, reduce joint pain, reduce headaches, increase energy, sleep better, increase stamina, reduce afternoon fatigue… whatever the top 1 to 3 things are that are negatively impacting your health and vitality…  Write them down.


Write down at least one fun activity that you would do if you were rid of these health complaints.  For example: what can’t you do now or maybe can’t do as well because you are limited in some way?


Next: Visualize that activity. Describe what you are doing.  Use as many adjectives as you can.  What are you wearing?  What do you see? Also describe your emotions and feelings.  Write down your visualization in detail.


Recall this visualization at the start of every day.  Recall it whenever you are fighting food cravings, too tired to cook, and when you’ve had a bad day.  Remind yourself why you have chosen to only put 100% healthy foods in your body.  Imagine what it would be like to be thinner, lighter, full of energy, happy, and glowing.


Use this exercise to keep you motivated.  Go to this place that you have formed from images in your mind.  (Actually close your eyes and mentally remove yourself from your current state of mind and transport yourself via this image.) Then eat an apple and be thankful for your life.  (I'm serious.) Do this every day.  Replace images of unhealthy foods and unhealthy habits with a wonderful image of you enjoying a fun activity at your best!


Here’s a brief description of my visualization:  (My fun activity is hiking.  When I was in pain it was one of the activities I missed the most.) I’m hiking on a tropical island with my husband and we approach a beautiful waterfall.  There is a rainbow above it.  I can smell the tropical flowers and feel the mist on my face.  It is warm, but not too humid.  We are full of energy, free of pain and fatigue, and are enjoying this beautiful gift of nature (the waterfall and our health.)


In great health,

The Joyful Elephant