21 Days to Reboot Our Brain


I was recently told by a prospective client that my 21-day meal plan was “too drastic.”  Perhaps when you consider switching from the standard American diet of creamy pastas, butter-laden bread, hamburgers, breaded chicken, and salads swimming in creamy blue cheese dressing… yes the 100% whole foods plant-based 21-day kickstart plan is a drastic change.  However, it works!


My clients who are able to stick to the 21-day plan 100% have the most success in making a transition to healthy eating that is long-lasting.  Change is difficult but we can’t achieve lasting change with less than an “all-in” approach.  Yes, there are people who achieved change through a slow and steady approach but research shows that it works for less than 10% of the population. 


Even just a small bit of sugar, refined, or processed foods work on the dopamine receptors in our brains telling us we want more.  No matter how much discipline and willpower we have it is extremely difficult to work against this natural chemical process.  When we remove the foods that cause our body harm and also trigger these impulses in our brain, we give ourselves the best chance for success.  We can't extinguish a fire if there are still small sparks attempting to ignite it. 


21 days may seem like a long time, but in a lifespan it’s an incredibly short period of time…  And it is a transformative period that allows us to break free from foods causing us harm, and effectively “reboot” our brain and our body to allow us to enjoy what real whole foods taste like.  The reality is our bodies crave whole natural foods grown in rich soil.  We need to give our bodies the time to once again learn how to appreciate these delightful foods that actually give us life instead of take it away.

In great health,

The Joyful Elephant