Give the Gift of Total Health this Valentine’s Day


Give yourself the gift of optimum health.  Give the gift of life.  Love yourself so much that all you want to do is eat nutritious whole foods.


If you love someone so much, wouldn’t you want to give the gift of optimum health where they can live their lives disease free without heart attack or stroke or cancer?


You have the power to give that gift to yourself by eating only nutritious whole plant foods.


What is Total Health?

According to Paul and Patricia Bragg, “Total health is a combination of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual components.  The ability of the individual to function effectively in their environment depends on how smoothly these components function as a whole.  Of all the qualities that comprise an integrated personality, a well-developed, totally fit and healthy body is most desirable.


A person is… totally physically fit if they can function with efficiency and without pain or discomfort of any kind.  It means having a painless, tireless, ageless body that possesses sufficient strength and endurance to maintain an effective posture, successfully carry out the duties imposed by one’s environment, meet emergencies satisfactorily, and have enough energy for recreation and social obligations after the “work day” has ended. 


The total person’s body also meets the requirements for his environment through efficient functioning of sensory organs, possesses the resilience to recover rapidly from fatigue, stress and strain without the aid of stimulants, enjoys natural sleep at night and wakes feeling fit and alert in the morning, prepared for a full day ahead.


The results of a plant-based lifestyle can be measured in happiness, radiant health, feeling ageless, peace of mind, and a higher achievement in the joy of living!”


Love yourself and others with the gift of excellent health and physical vitality via a whole foods, plant-based diet.